Vaccine Management Systems: Why the easy choice was expensive, dysfunctional, and really no choice at all

Responsible Choice, Easy Choice, or No Choice?

Price Tags: How Complex is This Software?

Just the Symptoms

  • Why does the federal government award contracts this way? Does this really help the taxpayer? Or the government itself?
  • Why didn’t the government consider some other, smaller firms? (Deloitte is big and proven, but it also has a lot of mouths to feed. Is that behind the price tag?)
  • If the government were open to smaller firms, how would they handle the project differently?
  • How does a firm prove its ability to handle a project, regardless of size? And how can it do this when the requirements themselves are pretty nebulous?
  • What is the right size for a project like this? How do you get a team that is nimble while still capable of the work?



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John Krewson

John Krewson


Founder, Sketch Development Services. Curious about everything. Skeptical of experts. Be flexible — it’s all improv.